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The I-95 Corridor Coalition has sponsored development of the Integrated Corridor Analysis Tool (ICAT) to assist Coalition members in conducting multistate transportation planning and operations studies. ICAT is a web-based geographic information system (GIS) that enables users to visualize current transportation infrastructure and traffic patterns, and to project future travel volumes across multiple states within the Coalition region. ICAT is not a replacement for more detailed state and local data, models, or analysis tools. It is intended to supplement local analysis capabilities with objective and consistent information on transportation conditions and performance in neighboring jurisdictions.

ICAT helps member agencies look beyond their own jurisdictional boundaries to facilitate decision-making with respect to public investments in the region's transportation system. Issues such as regional transportation growth, locations of regional transportation bottlenecks, coordination of multistate evacuation plans, and the impacts of regional transportation investments can now be more thoroughly evaluated through the use of ICAT data and web-based GIS.

WebCAT is an interactive web-based service providing on-line access to maps of transportation conditions in the Coalition region. This service is available to Coalition members and the general public on an unrestricted basis, requiring only a web browser and Internet access. Simple navigation tools allow users to locate and zoom-in to a geographic area of interest, and to create maps showing various transportation features and themes. Users can also display information about a specific feature, and can print or save an electronic copy of any map they create. First time users and those who are unfamiliar with using interactive map displays are encouraged to read the WebCAT User Guide, which explains each of the navigation tools available in WebCAT.

Most of the geo-spatial data displayed in WebCAT can also be downloaded from the Coalition's companion DataCAT site. Current data include the ICAT highway and rail networks, ICAT analysis zones and origin-destination trip tables, and individual state road networks from which the ICAT highway network was derived. These databases are designed to support knowledgeable users conducting analyses using their own computers and GIS application software.

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